Kenya Semester Program Commemorates Professor Wangari Maathai

We want to bring to your attention that our program recently observed the departure of Prof Wangari Maathai by planting an indigenous tree on our compound.   Since our program has associated with her in more than one occasion, we decided to bid her farewell in the only way that she would have most appreciated.

In the last decade, we have promoted the planting of indigenous trees as well as fruit trees in all the individual rural homes that have hosted our students in Kabondo, Nyanza; Kericho Western Rift; and Meru, Eastern Kenya.  We plan to continue with this practice of greening our environment in all the rural areas that we plan to associate with in the coming future.  As a result, we have delighted in witnessing the impetus that this has created with families embarking on planting more trees each time we visited them making this additional planting a welcome practice to their farming and rural conservation efforts.   

When we hosted the St Lawrence faculty group in the summer of 2009, we also had them leave this imprint of planting a tree in their respective homes that hosted them in Kericho and thereby joining in this great effort of promoting Prof. Wangari Maathai’s peace mission which by adoption becomes our concerted national mission.

The Kenya Semester Program feels bereft by this huge loss in our country. 


Wairimu Ndirangu