African Studies Prof. Edits Book, Authors Chapter

Eloise Brezault, assistant professor of Francophone and African studies, co-edited the book, titled Memory as Cultural Capital: Cross-Cultural Encounters in French and English (Palgrave, 2017).

The volume examines the ways that writers from the Caribbean, Africa, and the United States theorize and employ postcolonial memory in ways that expose or challenge colonial narratives of the past, and shows how memory assumes particular forms and values in post/colonial contexts in twenty and 21st-century works.

Brezault also wrote the opening chapter of the book, titled "The Value of Memory in Testimonies on African Civil Wars: Kidder’s and Beah’s Problematic Journey to the West," as well as co-wrote the introduction with the volume's co-editor Erica Johnson, associate professor of English at Pace University.

Judith DeGroat, professor of history and African Studies coordinator, also wrote a chapter included in the book, titled "History, Testimony and Postmemory: The Algerias of Pauline Roland and Assia Djebar."

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