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The 2013 C.L.R. James Lecture - Dr. Bruce Berman: "Jomo Kenyatta, Louis Leakey, and Writing the Kikuyu"

10/3/13 7:30pm to 9:30pm
Bloomer Auditorium (Brown 122)

Please join us for the 2013 C.L.R James Lecture.  Dr. Bruce Berman will be speaking on "Jomo Kenyatta, Louis Leakey, and Writing the Kikuyu."

Dr. Bruce Berman, Professor Emeritus in Political Studies and History at Queen's University, is a renowned scholar of ethnicity and politics in Kenya who has authored seven books and over fifty articles.  In his lecture, Dr. Berman will examine the rivalry between Louis Leakey (an anthropologist famous for his work on human evolution at Olduvai Gorge) and Jomo Kenyatta (an anthropology student and political activist who became Kenya’s first president).  He will discuss how the two men wrote competing ethnographies of the Kikuyu people in the late 1930s, and how their intellectual and political rivalry helped shape the development of Kikuyu ethnic identity and politics.