Why should I take a class that doesn’t satisfy a requirement in my intended major or meet a distribution requirement?

The practical answer is that you need to take approximately thirty-two courses over four years and not all of them can possibly fulfill major/minor/distribution requirements. However, you should approach your courses with a different mindset. Remember that you have chosen to come to a liberal arts institution, and our job is to help you develop a set of skills and knowledge, and a desire for learning, that will enable you to be successful at a wide variety of activities over the course of your life: from work, to family, to hobbies, to your role as a citizen, from the local to the global. Writing and speaking effectively, reading critically and listening carefully, and being able to engage in original and creative intellectual inquiry are skills that the entire SLU curriculum helps to cultivate. These skills will be useful for a lifetime.

Beyond the practical, you should take these courses because there are some courses out there which are a lot of fun, and by taking them you can learn more about your community, the universe around you, and about yourself. Some courses, such as abroad programs, enable you to travel to new places and meet people they might otherwise never meet. And many of these course will make you work muscles that you didn't know you had.