Transfer Credits

Matriculated St. Lawrence students may transfer up to eight units of approved credit from another college or university. Students who come here as transfer students may transfer up to seventeen approved units. Courses that are three credit or semester hours at another institution transfer to St. Lawrence as .83 units. (This is because St. Lawrence courses have, normally, an additional thirty minutes of instructional time per week..) Students may transfer in a maximum of two such courses to St. Lawrence as one unit each. Those who transfer in more than two courses will have the balance of courses—that is, those beyond the first two--assessed in accordance with a table of values maintained by the Registrar. Students planning on taking courses at other institutions (for example, during the summer or between semesters) should get approval for specific courses from the appropriate department chair in advance of taking the course. Students must earn at least a 2.0 (C) in the course to receive transfer credit. Grades do not transfer from other institutions. Questions regarding transfer credit should be addressed to the Associate Dean for Academic Advising.