How many courses should I put on my Working List?

You should put as many as you want. List as many courses as you think you might be interested in and you can then begin to narrow that down as you talk with your advisor or as the registration process continues. Remember, you should not be trying to pick the “perfect” three courses to fill out your schedule. If you think that narrowly, you will probably end up being disappointed if you don’t get all three. Have a flexible plan that you have thought carefully about so that you have additional choices if you don’t get your most preferred choices.

Some reminders about your Working List: Be sure that if you sign up for a course that has a lab component (for example, many science courses) that you include a lab section in your Registration Requests. If you don’t include the lab, the system will drop you from the science course. Also make sure that you check your Working List for time conflicts with both your FYP Tuesday-Thursday 10:10 time and your seminar time. Finally, make sure that all of the courses you are looking at are available and appropriate for first-year students. All of the courses listed in the New Student Guide will work.