How many classes do I have to take in order to graduate?

The graduation requirement at SLU is 33.5 units. Most classes are 1 unit, but some are more (e.g., FYP and some science courses) and there are some .5 unit and .25 unit courses available. If you take FYP and FYS and 3 one-unit courses each semester of your first year, then four courses per semester for the next three, you will still need to take either a .5 unit or  1 unit course somewhere along the way. If you enter SLU with college credit from another school or AP credit, you will likely not have to be concerned about the “extra” half unit. You need to be sure that any such credit appears in your "My Progress" on APR2, so make sure that your outside credits have transferred. If not, contact the Registrar's office for details on the process for transferring credits taken elsewhere to St. Lawrence.