How do the class times work? | St. Lawrence University Academic Advising

How do the class times work?

A one-unit course at SLU is three hours of class time per week. The schedule is arranged in such a way that courses meet one hour per day on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, or 90 minutes per day on Tuesday and Thursday. (You will, however, see variations from this pattern.) Class periods have ten-minute breaks between them, which generally provides you with enough time to get across campus, so you can take “back to back” classes such as on MWF at 9:40 to 10:40 and 10:50 to 11:50. In general, course times do not conflict with athletic practices.

If you try to arrange your schedule to avoid early classes, or classes on Friday, or the like, you will find that you have narrowed your range of options significantly, and in ways that are likely to make it more difficult to fulfill requirements or to pursue your desired program of study. Narrowing your choices by avoiding specific days or times makes it much more likely that you will not get a schedule that you are happy with. You should be thinking about the courses you find interesting, or that you have to take for your desired program of study, not the courses that seem convenient to your schedule.