Why You Should Visit SLU

Julie Rogers
Class of: 

When you ask students here why they chose to St. Lawrence, the most common answer is, “It just felt right.” So many students are drawn to SLU for the people, the community, and the feeling that you get when you walk around campus. If you take the time to come up to St. Lawrence for a campus visit, and you just might get that feeling yourself.

It can be easy to apply to college without ever stepping foot on school grounds, but taking the time to visit gives you such a better idea of what it would be like to actually be a student here. Taking of tour of SLU is well worth the visit, and here are my top six reasons why:

  1. First and foremost, you get to see what SLU really looks like outside of our beautiful brochures. Our tour takes you through the dining hall, into two dorm rooms, and all over the library. Walking around campus gives you a sense of what it’s like to live here, whether you visit in time to see the changing leaves, snow covered roofs, or sunny summer skies.
  2. Not only will you see what the actual campus looks like, but you’ll also get to see how many things are always going on here! Maybe you’ll catch Saints building a ski jump on the Quad, steamrolling prints for art class, or bobbing for apples with the Outing Club.
  3. Visiting campus also gives you a chance to see who will be your peers. Check out the other students. Are they looking up and smiling? Sitting outside together when the sun's out? You’ll see a lot of friendly faces on a campus tour here, especially when you walk through the Sullivan Student Center. St. Lawrence students love to joke with their tour guide friends, so don’t be surprised if you hear someone say “Happy birthday!” to your tour guide. Multiple times. (Hint: It’s probably not your tour guide's birthday.)
  4. Coming up to campus means you get to go to Brewer Bookstore and pick out some cool SLU gear and have a Caribou Coffee. Sure, you could get your new favorite sweatshirt at the online store, but the actual Brewer Bookstore is impressive. The building used to be the gym, and it still has the wooden floors and two levels. If you’re looking for some exercise, you can do some laps on the top floor. A mile is only 27 times around!
  5. You automatically get a waiver for your application fee. (Bonus!)
  6. The number one reason to come do a campus visit at St. Lawrence comes at the end of the tour. We give every student that comes to see us one of our famous Pub cookies. Pub cookies are giant chocolate chip cookies whose secret recipe can only be found at St. Lawrence. Students and alumni go crazy for them, and you will, too!