Why Herring-Cole is Underrated | St. Lawrence University

Why Herring-Cole is Underrated

Monday, December 2, 2019

Herring-Cole is a staple of St. Lawrence University’s history. Built in 1869, it is the University’s second oldest building and the first library on campus. In 1974, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The smell of the wood on the inside, along with the warm radiators humming throughout the year, makes it one of the most comfortable study areas. The University’s largest stained-glass crest and the oldest crest makes for beautiful lighting while reading. As the snow begins to fall in the early parts of winter, looking out the windows onto Gunnison Memorial Chapel and Richardson Hall makes for the most serene setting to look onto as Finals stress begins to hit. The sun-setting against the back of the chapel is also top-notch. 

As a freshman, I did not know what I needed in a study space. I had never really figured it out in high school, and I was at a turning point coming to college, where I needed somewhere to go. I was tempted to get in bed and watch TV while studying in my room, and the Student Center was just too loud for me. The library was a bit open in its layout, which made it perfect for many distractions. Finally, in October, I walked into Herring-Cole to try it out. It was absolutely perfect for me. I got to sit at the long wooden table and have the soft lighting of the sun peek through the windows at me. It was warm enough where I was able to wear a t-shirt even though it was 20 degrees outside. I could cross my legs on the chair and spread all my work out in front of me. It is secluded from campus in a way where only a few people walk by it, making it a quieter place. Most of the time I’m there it is just me, and every once in a while, a couple of other students will trickle in. Looking out the windows onto the beautiful setting of campus made for the perfect little mental break in between studying or writing a paper. I was able to be productive in a way I never have before. 

Herring-Cole is by far my favorite building on campus, and I now go there to do homework, study, or just read about five days a week. It has made me a better and more motivated student. I am constantly in awe of its beauty and feel lucky to have found somewhere I can put my head down and work for hours on end.