"Why Haven't You Gotten a Campus Job Yet?" | St. Lawrence University

"Why Haven't You Gotten a Campus Job Yet?"

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

“Hey Chris, when are you getting a job?” First semester, first year of college I was adjusting as every first-year student does. My mom had worked during her college years as a front desk attendant at the gym, and she pressured me almost every day of my first semester to search for a position. Of course, like the college student I am, I didn’t listen. I waited until I felt settled on campus to seek out employment. So, in my second semester I actively looked for a job. I remember my Community Assistant sent a message to our floor group chat that Brewer Bookstore was hiring! I knew this was the opportunity my mom had prepared me for, so I pounced on it. 

What does it take to work on campus? With two quick shakes of a leg, you can be employed! There are so many opportunities to work on campus, from being an academic tutor to working at the gym, to everywhere in between. It’s been two years since I started working at the Bookstore and I could not imagine my SLU experience without it. The best thing about being employed on campus (besides the paycheck) is it offers a schedule that you can work your week around and it has helped me stay on top of my homework. 

Along with the Bookstore, I work as an Admissions Ambassador! With this job, I give tours and write letters to prospective students. Working as an Ambassador I’ve met so many people who are just as passionate about SLU as I am. Working in the Admissions Office has also given me a first-hand account of the behind the scenes mechanisms of the college application process.

Working on campus has been a valuable experience for me. The opportunities for campus employment are there for students to take and is something that I could not imagine my college experience without.