Why Applying Early Decision Was the Best Decision of My Life | St. Lawrence University

Why Applying Early Decision Was the Best Decision of My Life

Monday, October 21, 2019

At the start of my senior year of high school, I was very eager to apply to schools. I had spent the last year researching and touring schools, making pro and con lists, and finalizing the criteria that would determine what my “perfect school” would look like. I love my hometown, and I love Maine, but I was beyond ready for something new, a change of scenery.

When I visited SLU the summer between my junior and senior year of high school, I instantly felt like I had found “my place.” (I loved it so much that instead of going to the other tour we had scheduled, we stayed on SLU’s campus and explored a little more!) By the time I attended the tour, I knew what I wanted in a school. I wanted to attend a university that was on the smaller side, one with lots of outdoor activities year-round, a school with plenty of support systems for my academics and future career, a school with a really strong study abroad program, and most of all, a community of people who are enthusiastic and proud of what they do! SLU had all of this and more, and throughout my decision-making process, my interest and love for SLU increased.

After I did an overnight with the Nordic Ski Team and got to see what it’s like to be a student at SLU, I was sold. I got to meet so many friendly people that I have since reconnected with, massive groups of students took me under their wing to make sure I got to learn everything (and I mean everything) about SLU and what life is like. I remember feeling giddy the entire 7-hour drive home because I was hooked! It was then that I decided to apply Early Decision. I didn’t want to wait anymore, I was ready to take action, to take the next step in my life and have time to let myself prepare for all of the adventures that lay ahead. So, I got to work filling out my application, writing my essay, doing my best to show SLU how excited I was to be there, I sent my application in on November 6th and then waited.

I had just finished my ski practice and was about to head to my fiddle group’s rehearsal when my mom called and said I needed to come home because we had made a mistake and something for my application required a signature. I was not thrilled to hear this, so I drove home, walked into the dining room where I saw a big envelope addressed to me. My heart started pounding: there was nothing wrong with my application, my decision letter had arrived. I tore it open (like any reasonable person would do) and I only wish that the photos that were taken afterward could even remotely show my excitement, I had gotten in!

For me, once I had looked at St. Lawrence, I didn’t want to wait anymore, I wanted to start my life there! Applying Early Decision (ED) gave me the opportunity to know that I would be able to take advantage of all the amazing opportunities that SLU has to offer sooner, I had time to plan for my room, meet people at an Accepted Students' Day, share the news and fly through the rest of my senior year with something so exciting to look forward to. For me, applying early to SLU was the best decision of my life.