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When Ideas Become Reality

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

During the spring semester of my sophomore year, I signed up for a trip to attend the 2017 Women’s March in Washington, D.C., led by three SLU students from the Women’s Resource Center. We spent the weekend driving 20 hours round trip, sleeping on the floor of a church, and marching, alongside 500,000 others, for respect and equality. The march was such an incredible experience filled with empowering allies, determination, and passion. It additionally provided students the ability to foster difficult but necessary conversations in order to continue building inclusivity and acceptance within communities.

Flash forward two years: I had just returned from my semester abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, and wanted to be able to provide other SLU students with the same opportunity I had to utilize my autonomy, and take my education outside of the typical SLU classroom. This wasn’t a small undertaking, but with the help of co-leaders Ella Charlesworth ’20, Carley Sherwin ’22, and Marina Pearce ’19, as well as many faculty advisors, we were able to fundraise over $10,000 to secure a charter bus to the 2019 Women’s March in D.C., as well as fund meals for students to keep accessibility high.

We arrived in Washington, D.C., and were lucky enough to sleep in the same church we camped out in two years before. Although the march was substantially smaller than the first march in 2017, the feelings gained from the experience were exactly the same: empowerment, determination, and hope for the future- and the best part- we got to experience all of these feelings together, as St. Lawrence students all the way from the North Country. 

I never thought that a crazy idea like a $10,000 student trip to D.C. that popped into my mind one day would turn into a reality, but that is the power of the St. Lawrence community; we support each other. While leading this trip, I wasn’t associated with any student organization, I was just a random student with a vision. It is really thanks to the support and encouragement from deans, many academic departments, and over 15 student clubs and organizations that this idea became a reality.

Check out the video re-cap of the March created by Sarah '22!