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What Prospective Students Have Taught Me

Monday, October 7, 2019

Working as an Admissions Ambassador here at St. Lawrence University has not only given me another community on campus, but it has allowed me to connect with future generations of Laurentians. The questions that prospective students ask push me to think of St. Lawrence in a different way while I am on that tour; I love my job for this reason.

My first tour back on campus for the fall semester, I had a wonderful young woman training to be a competitive Olympic athlete. Early on in the tour, she made this very clear and asked how St. Lawrence could serve her as an undergraduate while she perused her professional career. I felt proud to inform her that I have other friends also pursuing these professional careers at SLU, people she could relate to over this unique training lifestyle. We have a variety of professors in different disciplines who work with students to accommodate travel for athletics so that it does not put education second in the busy student-athlete life. Not only was this young woman excited to hear that her education could be supported here but also that she could find a community of people to guide and support her on this mission. This tour alone gave me a new perspective on SLU, the professional student-athletes' view with balanced priorities.

While many students have an idea of what their college experience will look like, I also enjoy tours with students who don't know what to expect during the next four years. I identified with this as I felt my college tours taught me a lot about the opportunities I could take advantage of in my time here. Recently, I gave a tour with a young woman interested in exploring multiple disciplines in a multifield major here.  We enjoyed exploring the Johnson Hall of Science, Carnegie Hall, our Center for International and Intercultural Studies, as well as the Noble Center for the Arts. While she admitted these plans might change when she arrives in college, I was excited to hear her hopes of creating a new major and new curriculum of studies here at St. Lawrence.

These two students alone remind me that the St. Lawrence student body continues to evolve as the leaves do each fall. The only constants on this campus are a continued curiosity for learning and excitement for the life we live after graduation. As I continue to give tours over the next year, I look forward to the many new questions I will be asked. I hope that students don't refrain from asking the questions that come to mind on my tours as these insights help me and them to better understand the ever changing St. Lawrence University.