What is the L.I.G.H.T. House?

Yelyzaveta Bartholomew
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One of my favorite things about St. Lawrence is our theme house community. We have 14 houses that students can apply to live in and use as a platform to create events they are passionate about. In the L.I.G.H.T. House, (“Living Inspirationally Growing Healthy Together”), we believe it is very important to embody and manifest opportunities that allow students to engage in healthy activities, whatever that might mean to them. Here are a few examples of what the Light House has brought to campus this past year.

ZenDen: Every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. we have an open house and invite students to come over to drink tea, chat and meditate. It is a very free flowing evening, we do arts and crafts, yoga, star gazing and for several weeks we hosted Cheese Club after our mediation.

Dancing Yoga in the Backyard: We have an awesome backyard and we love to take advantage of the nice weather in the fall. One day we invited Len Macky, a local yoga teacher and artisan, and brought out some speakers, took our shoes off and got down with the earth.

Screening “Into the Wild” in the Backyard: Another way to take advantage of our backyard. We borrowed a projector and a screen from IT, brought out our couches and comfy chairs and chilled out in our backyard to watch the movie before Peak Weekend, an event hosted by  the Outing Club House which puts SLU students on all the 46 high peaks in the Adirondacks.

Hike & Yoga at Azure: We rented a SLU van, brought some granola, music, a slack line, good vibes and went on a trip with about 15 students and Peter Warden, a philosophy professor, who led a mediation and yoga session.

Food: Being healthy to us is not just mediating, being outdoors and doing yoga; eating good food is a big part of it, too. We bought shares of food from a local farm this fall and had a blast cooking for our friends and local theme houses.

Spread the Love: Before Valentine's Day, we set up a table in the Student Center and brought sticky notes so students could write compliments to their friends or secret admirers. We then posted the love in the Student Center.  For the Zen Den that week we focused on cultivating love but we stressed that love is not just romantic. We engaged in a mediation that focused on loving the Earth, the cosmos and most importantly, oneself.

'Take What You Need' Posters: The posters are essentially flyers with rip-off pieces at the bottom, but instead of the pieces including phone numbers, we offer positive words or affirmations for students to take with them. Our intention is to have a quiet way to support our campus community; to gently shed light on everyone’s day.

Cross Country Skiing Under the Full Moon: We took advantage of the abundance of snow and our beautiful golf course and took a group of splendid people to bask in the moonlight.

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