What It's Like to Have a Bike | St. Lawrence University

What It's Like to Have a Bike

Chloe Warner

Bringing a bike to St. Lawrence makes sense for two reasons: the campus and the student body.

Did you know that biking makes you happier? Did you know bringing a bike to school saves an unimaginable amount of money on gas? Did you also know that you can leave an average of 5-7 minutes later for class if you have a bike to bring with you? Look it up; these facts are all true! Yes, it is convenient that all students can bring their cars to SLU and parking never comes up short, but can you drive your car from the science wing of campus to the Spartacus Café, for free? I know, we’ve all been there, I brought my Subaru my first year and had it on campus until it broke down last year. I continued to believe the myth that cars are the most efficient way to get around at St. Lawrence. Bikes might just be the better option. Picture Canton, New York: you can reach all the hot spots on your bike, no problem! Want to grab a loaded bagel? Catch a movie in town? Check out the rope swing? Hop on your bike for 10 minutes and you’re there.

St. Lawrence has the perfect campus and student body to get the most out of bringing a bike. It is relatively flat, we’ve got farmland as far as the eye can see, so not much work is even required to get around if you’ve got a two-wheeled friend. Just let the wind take you. Secondly, being on your bike exposes you to the world of SLU students. We are outgoing and really enjoy talking. Often, I’ll be biking the long way back to my room after a class or a meal and bump in to someone on the way. This often leads to a wonderfully spontaneous hangout that might not have happened if I hadn’t decided to cruise around campus for a little while longer.

Promoting the use of bikes is sort of a long tradition here at St. Lawrence. Several gifts have been contributed to the SLU campus and community to encourage more students to bring one along. We’ve had innovation grant winners and alumni scatter bike repair stations or bike rack shelters across campus to make things more convenient for bike-owners. Can I make the choice any clearer?

What I haven’t mastered yet? Riding my bike while carrying a cup of turkey chili from the Pub. If anyone can get on their bike gracefully with a coffee in their hand, let me know your secret.