What I Didn’t Learn from My College Visit

Sarah Bercovitz
Class of: 

As I sit in the Student Center, munching on a Pub Cookie, I look around at all of my amazing friends and peers here at St. Lawrence. I still can’t believe that almost a year ago today I received my acceptance letter to this special place!

It was never hard for me to make the decision to come to St. Lawrence--the moment I stepped on campus I knew this was the place for me. Even though my campus visit was on a particularly dreary rainy day, I was entranced by the energy of the St. Lawrence community, the beautiful campus, and all the academic excellence St. Lawrence had to offer. On the four-hour car ride home, I found myself planning my future at SLU, hoping and praying that I would get in. Now, almost a year later, I wonder how I knew this was the place for me. In many ways, I was right about St. Lawrence’s amazing community, and I was right that it was the perfect place for me, but there were so many things that one can’t absorb from one campus visit. Here are some of my favorite qualities about St. Lawrence that I didn’t see during that first rainy visit but have discovered during my first year here.

  1. There are always things going on and/or places to go. With such a small campus, one of my biggest concerns was that there wouldn’t be enough going on to keep me entertained or that I would run out of places to go. This did not prove to be a problem; it seems as though there’s always something to do on campus whether it’s a lecture or a fun event. I’m also always finding cozy new study spots and places throughout campus.
  2. Traditions bring our community together. From the start of orientation week, it was clear that SLU is a school rich with tradition, but what is unique about SLU’s traditions is that the student body and alumni care about these traditions.  They are part of what unite the student body and the strong alumni network and make this place so special. I once met an alumna in my hometown and one of the first things they asked me was if I liked the First Year candle light quad experience. It’s so amazing to me that all these Laurentians all over the country and the world have experienced these traditions just as I am now.
  3. Professors are more than teachers. I’ve never had a professor who didn’t know my name, care about me and make it clear that they were always available to help me learn. In addition, my professors are doing important things in their fields. Whether it’s going to my favorite English professor’s poetry reading or seeing my Intro to Psych professor’s study in my text book, it’s inspiring to learn from people who are experts in their fields.
  4. Students are always busy. One thing that really surprised me when I came to SLU was how many different things my peers are involved in. Not only are they involved, they are passionate about what they are doing. The captain of my dance team is also the editor of our school newspaper, the president of the yearbook club, working in the admissions office and works on the SLU’s literary journal. I love being surrounded by people who are excited about and invested in what they are doing in the world.
  5. Our alumni are the best! I wasn’t quite prepared for how robust the alumni network is. The alumni love SLU as much as the current students do and are always excited to give advice on their fields or just bond about the mutual love of all things St. Lawrence. The alumni want to get to know you and care about your future. One of my best friends and I met an alumna at the St. Lawrence gym. We loved chatting with her every morning in our exercise class and eventually, she invited us to her house for breakfast, where she told us all about what St. Lawrence was like when she attended. I know I’m not the only student that has gotten attention like this from SLU alumni, being a part of the SLU community truly feels like being a part of a big family.
  6. It’s cold here – and that’s okay. I really can’t believe I’m saying this because this was one of the things that made me wary of choosing SLU, but something about the bitter cold winters makes the whole campus a little cozier. I love getting bundled up with my friends and running to the ski lodge-inspired Student Center for a cup of hot chocolate. Also, there’s nothing like a beautiful snow-covered campus to brighten anyone’s day.

I know I’ve only been here a year, but I feel like I’ve found new reasons to love this place every day! I can’t wait to discover other reasons over the next three years as I meet more amazing people and continue to make more great memories.