The U.S. of Eh?

Arianne Boisvert
Class of: 

I am an international student at St. Lawrence University even though I live closer than almost all the Americans who attend this school. I am from Montreal, Canada, and yes, I do consistently say "eh." Other stereotypes that are typically associated with being Canadian that I have fallen victim to: loving the winters because it's hockey season, starting every morning with Tim Horton's, loving our dollar coins (loonies and toonies) and speaking French. What’s awesome about being from Montreal is that I live close enough that I can head home when I’m missing my mom’s home-cooked meals but am far enough that my parents won't drop by unannounced. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents; the hassle of crossing the border gives me some independence.

I was a little worried about leaving my fun city to attend a college in a tiny town, but Canton, New York, is a great place to be. The campus is always alive and bustling with students and you never have to worry about searching for your friends because everything is within walking distance, so no one can stray too far. The cute town has everything you could ever need and the locals love meeting SLU students. If you start to feel a little stir crazy during Canton winters, Ottawa is only about 90 minutes away and Montreal is two hours in the other direction.  Students often find themselves taking day trips to Canada to enjoy the plethora of maple syrup and some awesome events that happen in Canada like Winterlude (Ottawa), Igloofest (Montreal), and my all time favourite, The Poutine Festival (Montreal).

St. Lawrence does a great job of really making us Canucks feel at home, like Canadian Thanksgiving feast in Dana, the Canadian national anthem is sung at all of our hockey games, and the students' acceptance of how we say/spell some words differently (favourite).  As a Canadian student, I think that St. Lawrence is the perfect place for any Canadian who wants an American college experience while not being too far away from home. It's also great for any American student who wants to get to know their kind neighbour, the Great White North. Being so close to the border allows students to see the marvelous relationship that Americans and Canadians share.

As Robin Williams so nicely put it: “Canada is like a loft apartment over a really great party. Like: “Keep it down, eh?'”