Top Five Best Study Breaks at SLU

Sarah Bercovitz
Class of: 

With Finals Week here, our hours in ODY are stacking up as well! I’ve compiled the top five fun ways to take a break from the books and enjoy the last week on campus. So climb down from atop a study tree house and try out some of these fun study break ideas!

1.     Head to the Canoe Shack.

Put away your environmental studies flash cards and take a break in the real great outdoors. At SLU, our canoe shack is just a mile down the road, so you can sign out a canoe with a buddy and relax on the river.

2.     Have Coffee with Your Favorite Professor

One of the worst parts of Finals Week is having to say goodbye to your favorite professors who, at this point, have become like second parents. Taking the time to thank a professor for all they have done over a cup of Caribu coffee at the Brewer Bookstore is the best medicine for a serious case of study stress.

3.     Finals Late Night Breakfast

We can thank Thelmo (our student government) for this late night treat. Nothing improves an all-nighter like pancakes and bacon at 11 p.m. right? This complimentary tradition has become a Saint favorite, so make sure to get in line!

4.     Relax in the Sauna

The key to a happy Finals Week? Finding a balance between hard work and self-care. Luckily, you can sweat that stress away in SLU’s very own sauna. Twenty minutes in our cedar sauna and you’ll be recharged and ready to hit the books once again!

5.     Walk a Professor's Dog

I think most Saints can agree that one of the best parts of SLU in the spring is all the dogs walking around campus! Luckily, most professors are happy to let you walk theirs (some even have sign-up sheets in their offices). So, make sure you add a little doggy de-stress to your finals schedule!