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Taking Advantage of Small Class Sizes

Monday, April 27, 2020

When I began my college search, I knew that I wanted a classroom setting in which I could ask questions and have a relationship with the professor. I wanted to be able to participate in class and have class discussions while creating close relationships with my peers, as well. With an average class size of 16 students, St. Lawrence gave me this opportunity and the chance to reach out to teachers when I have needed extra help. Most of all, it has allowed me to actively participate in the classroom which I believe is an essential part of a good education. 

As an International Economics and multi-language combined major at SLU, there are a lot of different moving parts to what I am studying. With languages especially, however, it is super important to keep practicing so you don't forget what you have learned because as they say, "If you don't use it, you lose it!" I can remember various points throughout the spring semester of my sophomore year in which I was able to meet with my French professor just to practice speaking in my free time. Oftentimes, he would tell me about his favorite places he had traveled to in France while pointing them out on a large map dotted with pins that he had framed on his wall. In this 1-on-1 context, I was really able to improve my skills as he would be able to correct my mistakes immediately, and I think that this experience is really valuable. I likely would not have had this chance to meet so often with a professor if our class size were not so small, and I really appreciate the individual time he was able to spend with me. 

This relationship with my French professor is just one of many that I have created with professors who have been able to help me along my SLU journey thus far. Being able to schedule individual meetings with professors has enhanced my ability to grasp difficult subjects and concepts, and I do not think this would have been possible had I not taken advantage of the availability of the professors at SLU. This is just one of the many unique opportunities that I think makes St. Lawrence such a special place, and it has really allowed me to grow as a learner.