Swing Dance Club

Hannah Parker
Class of: 

During my first semester here at St. Lawrence, I was completely overwhelmed when I visited the Student Club and Organization Fair. There were so many clubs and organizations that had tables set up with club members all eager to talk about why their club was the best. I had no idea which clubs I should join, and then I stumbled across the table for the Swing Dance Club. The club sounded fun and the members at the table were nice so I put my name down and attended the first meeting. I am so glad I did! As a junior and the current treasurer for the club, I can honestly say that Swing Dance Club has become a major part of my life here on campus.

We are a fun-loving, crazy group of people that get together every week and just dance! We have one session a week where all we do is learn new moves and different styles of swing dance. We also have one session a week for those of us that want to participate in a choreographed dance each semester. Usually we perform with the dance classes in a performance called the Dance Showcase. We are always open to trying new things as well. This semester we decided to perform with the wind ensemble and our president choreographed a 1920’s Charleston style routine to be performed to the live music!

I’ve included some photos from our performance with the jazz ensemble this semester with all of us dressed as college students from the 1920s! There are also some photos from past semesters so you can see what an awesome bunch of people we are! Most of the photos can also be found on our club Facebook page, The Swingin' Saints: SLU's Swing Dance Club.

The Swing Dance Club is definitely the place for me, but with more than 170 student clubs and organizations it's easy for everyone to find the place that works for them!