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St. Lawrence's Top 10 Blog Posts of 2020

Monday, December 28, 2020

In a year like no other, many turned to personal stories and experiences to make sense of the moment. They kept us entertained and informed, and brought us closer to the communities and people that make us feel safe, comforted, and cared for. 

This was evident in the nearly 70 stories we shared on the Admissions Blog in 2020—many of which we shared during a global pandemic that challenged our community in new and profound ways. While many posts this year reflect these challenges, they don’t dwell on them. They tell of a resilient community, committed to staying connected and continuing traditions with thoughtful, creative solutions.

In 2020, visits to the Blog’s homepage and most popular posts shared this year totaled more than 11,000 views. In case you missed them, here’s your chance to catch up. Whether you’re just getting to know St. Lawrence or you’re missing it a little more this time of year, there’s a story for everyone from every corner of campus.  

  1. 10 Best Ways to Spend Your Quarantine by Cameron Delo ‘21

  2. Cranial Exposure: A Bald Man Survives Canton Winters by Christian Eveleigh ‘20

  3. How to Say Goodbye to St. Lawrence? You Can’t by Eavan O’Neill ‘20

  4. A Californian’s Guide to North Country Winters by Abbie Cooper ‘22

  5. The Farm at Kirk Douglas: A Student-Run Farm-to-Table Experience by Tristan McCutcheon ‘20

  6. The Company of Solitude by Eleanor Napoli ‘20

  7. Three Stories of How I Met My Best Friends by Hannah Spaeth ‘23

  8. Positive Outlooks Found in the Pandemic by Teal Borden ‘22

  9. An Open Letter to the “New” SLU From a Senior by Reiley Burwell ‘21

  10. Six Tips to Nail Your Virtual College Interview, According to Admissions Counselors by The St. Lawrence Admissions Team

Don’t forget to check out the Blog’s 'All-Time Most Popular Posts' list, too! (Posts with an asterisk [*] are new additions to the list.)

  1. Top Five Local Breakfast Options by Eliza Cowie ’17

  2. What to Do With 24 Hours in Canton New York by Mary Santos ‘19

  3. There’s Something About This Place by Kara McDuffee ‘15

  4. Body Beautiful Week: A Personal Story by Madeline Wetterhahn ’15

  5. How Chocolate Milk Changed My Life by Jacob St. Pierre ’16

  6. 19 Facts That Make Us Fall in Love With SLU All Over Again by Lexi Bullen '18

  7. Why Does Everyone Walk Around in Socks? by Jacqui Ebeling ’17

  8. Secret Off-Campus Getaways: Five Places to Go in Under an Hour by Annie Williams ’17

  9. Seven Keys to Your First Year at St. Lawrence by Josh Elmer ’20 & The Class of 2020 Council

  10. Why St. Lawrence Wasn’t My First Choice (But It Should Have Been) by Maya Bryant ‘19*

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