Sydney Mitchell
Class of: 

My college search process involved visiting over 20 colleges, some more than once. However, after I visited St. Lawrence University for the first time, the campus and the people continued to stay with me. I found myself comparing every other campus to SLU. Eventually, I made my decision to come to here and I have never looked back. Now I am a sophomore, a history major and a gender and sexuality studies minor. To me, SLU is very unique compared to other college campuses in more ways than one. Here are a few examples.

  1. Friendliness: This is one of the main reasons I chose SLU; everyone here is always saying hi to one another, holding doors open and smiling. People are more than willing to offer a helping hand regardless of whether they know you or not. These simple gestures add to the great community and welcoming atmosphere of the school and makes it feel like home.
  2. Professors: I came to SLU very undecided about what career path I wanted to pursue but with the help of the amazing professors, I quickly found my passion. They always have open office hours and are willing to talk about just about anything with you. Professors are looking for you to succeed and be happy with your decisions.
  3. First-Year Program: SLU is home to one of the longest ongoing programs of its kind. The FYP offers the ability to develop lasting relationships with other students whom you take a class with and share the same residential hall with. Through my own experience, I became friends with many people who have changed my life for the better. I even live with three girls from my FYP in a quad this year!
  4. Hockey Games: Our hockey teams are Division 1 programs making the games extremely competitive and high energy. Experiencing a Clarkson (our rival) vs. SLU game is a must while visiting or attending. It represents one of the many traditions that SLU has and how united all the students become when they are passionate about something, even if it is just a hockey game.
  5. Themed Dinners: These are must-attend events where many friends go together and have “family dinners.” Here everyone discusses how amazing the food is or the excitement of the holidays right around the corner. One of the most well-known is the Adirondack Themed Dinner at the beginning of the semester. This involves cuisines related to the region like Saranac Root Beer, and Chicken Riggies. SLU also has two Thanksgiving dinners (Canadian and American!); it can’t get much better than that!
  6. Closest private university to Canada: Many people are often concerned that Canton, New York, is in the middle of nowhere, however, we are around 30 minutes away from the Canadian border. This makes it very convenient to take weekend trips to shop, ice skate or sightsee a foreign country. (So bring your passport!)

These are just a few of the traits and events that make St. Lawrence University not only the school for me but also a very different campus. These unique aspects allow for an atmosphere of exploring and developing that lead to well-rounded individuals. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to attend St. Lawrence University and refer to it as my second home. The experiences I have had here have all been life changing and will stay with me long after my time at St. Lawrence is over.