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Six Phenomenal Reasons Why We Love Spring at SLU

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Before coming to SLU, I never appreciated springtime for the absolutely fabulous season that it is.  Days get longer, everything gets greener, and the birds start singing again (as painfully cliché as that sounds).  Although the winter season at St. Lawrence is full of skiing, snowboarding, and our yearly fantastic Great Mount Titus event, when spring comes we are all grateful to see leaves on the trees and to be outside without our winter coats! If you happen to be on campus on the first warm day of the season, you will see a visibly energized campus.  It seems that everyone is outside on a bike, throwing a Frisbee or having a cookout---all in shorts, sundresses and sandals, of course!

 Here are just some of the things that make springtime at SLU great:

  1. Once the snow melts, us outdoor-loving SLU students flock outside into the sunshine to kayak, canoe, hike, and to do any and everything  in the open-air . We can always visit the Outing Program or Club to rent outdoor activity equipment, so on a nice day there’s never a reason to be bored.
  2. Spring Fest! It’s an all-day concert with music that the student body voted to hear, so what could get any better?  This year, we sang and danced to the music of Matt Kearney and Sammy Adams!
  3. The North Country Folk Festival.  Although this is a relatively new tradition at SLU, it's growing in size and popularity! Held the weekend after Spring Fest, we enjoyed two days of both student and local musicians, some outside and in the sunshine! In addition to the music, I hopped on one of the free wagon rides and shortly after, headed to Dana Dining Center and enjoyed the Local Foods Theme Dinner!
  4. The Grasse River. I know I already mentioned kayaking, but I’m sure you’re wondering where on Earth you’d be able to do that in Canton, New York! Just down the road from campus is the Grasse River, a SLU student spring favorite.
  5. Homework outside!  Somehow, when you’re writing a paper outside under the sun, it seems so much more bearable. Since we’re a 100% wireless campus, students don’t have to be cooped up inside to get things done. 
  6. The return of the picnic tables and the coveted Adirondack chairs officially marks the beginning of spring, and everyone knows it.  The minute you see an Adirondack chair resurface from winter storage, you can basically feel spring on the horizon. If you’re walking around campus in the springtime, you’ll see Adirondack chairs everywhere---we love them!

I truly hope you can now imagine how great springtime at St. Lawrence is, but this post just cannot do it justice.  For sure, you’ve got to come up to Canton to feel the North Country sun on your face, and then you’ll begin to understand the utter amazingness of spring at SLU.