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Singing With the Saints

Thursday, February 15, 2018

It’s always an amazing moment when your friends and family gather together to celebrate what you love. Now, normally this kind of sentimentality is reserved for weddings and funerals, but here at St. Lawrence, a concert from any one of our many amazing singing groups on campus is just as special an occasion.

Over the winter break, the Singing Saints, an all-male a capella group, had the fantastic opportunity of getting to perform in Burlington, Vermont, for their friends, family, and a fantastic group of alumni.  Being a senior member of the Singing Saints, it was not my first time performing at one of these concerts. However, every concert that we get to perform at is a unique experience, and is always an amazing time for us to meet and connect with alumni and fellow lovers of both music, and acapella.   

With my time at St. Lawrence coming to a close, being able to interact with a diverse group of alumni and enjoy a concert is a really special experience. I was touched to be able to have alumni come up to me and be interested in who I was, because of the experience that shared at St. Lawrence. Some of the alumni we got to meet were former members of the Saints who had graduated, and they would tell us stories about their time in the group. Meeting them and getting to talk about what has changed and what hasn't was an incredible and eye opening.

The concert was well received with a diverse range of songs and genres that met a wide range of tastes, from “Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys, to “All-Time Low” by Jon Bellion. We got to show off some of our new songs we had only performed once before and they were also well received by the alumni. However, my favorite moment in any of our concerts, is when we sing our school songs. This is a special moment because we ask any former Singing Saints to come up and perform on stage with us. To me, the Singing Saints is a sort of brotherhood, and it is the moment that alumni join us on stage that I get to meet more of the brothers I never knew I had. After singing our school songs, we sing our “Alma Mater” and the entire crowd stands together and joins the performance with a song that connects us all. It is a truly moving time, where we get to share a moment of music, not only as a Saint with other Saints, but as a Laurentian with other Laurentians.    

The overall experience was a celebration of all things that I love about St. Lawrence. The St. Lawrence alumni are, and always have been, a closely connected family and being able to share with them a night of music, stories, and good-natured fun, shows me just how incredible it is to be a Laurentian and a Saint. Everyone there, young and old, had a close and undeniable bond that only can come from the hill that we have all wended down. The Singing Saints have been around for over sixty years, and getting to be a part of events like the one in Vermont is just one small taste in what it is like to be a part of a group with such a long and cherished history.