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Secret Study Spots

Jasmine Galindo

As a student, I understand how important it is to find the best study spot on campus. For some that may be a quite nook in the library, or your own bedroom. For me, it's the loud area that is the Student Center. With a hundred voices around you discussing what work they have for class or the Winter Olympics, I somehow find comfort in the noise and am able to work diligently.

You might be reading this and think, “That would never work for me! I would never be able to concentrate with someone playing 'Thousand Miles' on the piano while I read." For this very reason, St. Lawrence has many places to study, all which cater to the needs of each individual student. From the Ireland Room in the Noble Center, to the tree houses in ODY (our main library), there's a place for everyone on campus to get their work done.

Let me show you a few of the best study spots on campus!