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Running a Club on Campus

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

During my four years of high school, I was always super involved on and off campus. However, I played three sports year-round, so it was sometimes difficult to designate time for after-school extracurriculars. Upon my arrival at St. Lawrence, I knew I wanted to experiment with various clubs and organizations since I was no longer playing a varsity sport. I will never forget speaking with my mom immediately after the Club and Organization Fair, raving about the exciting activities offered on campus, mentioning the myriad of ones I signed myself up for. A little hesitant of my overwhelming excitement, my mom recommended that I not spread myself too thin - which I tend to do. My mother’s instinct was right, as it always is, and I soon discovered there are, unfortunately, not enough hours in the day to attend 10+ club meetings a week. Thus, I had to learn to be choosy and decisive in order to establish which club(s) intrigued me the most. 

I had never heard of Her Campus until coming to St. Lawrence but quickly realized how widely recognized the organization is. Upon receiving a description of the group, I knew I had to get involved. Her Campus is a global, online women’s magazine mainly targeted to collegiate females. I love to write and I came to SLU knowing that I wanted to explore and expand my skills. I went into the first meeting a little wary, nervous about publishing my work for all to see as opposed to discreetly turning it in to my professor. I was soon comforted knowing I was surrounded by supportive, encouraging peers who assured me that my articles would be terrific, especially because we selected our own writing topics. I was so excited when my content first started getting published and seeing how many people viewed my articles and their popularity on our chapter’s webpage. Countless articles later, the year was coming to a close and our group leaders would be traveling abroad the following semester. They needed interested applicants to take over their positions, requiring ardent group members to apply. I decided I wanted to assume this role and applied for it. Luckily, I earned this title and became an official Her Campus Correspondent with another one of my peers. Ever since I have maintained this role and have loved every minute of it. Running a club can definitely be time-consuming, just as being a regular member of any club is, but it is so rewarding representing something you are passionate about.

Running a club is a great way to meet new people and get more active on campus. It is always tons of fun partnering with other groups and putting on various events and celebrations, supporting and promoting each other in the process. It has been so gratifying gaining new club members who are just as excited about Her Campus as I am. Since we are a small school, I notice any new face that attends club meetings, and I cannot express the satisfaction it gives me to bring like-people together with the same eagerness to write. SLU also makes it very easy to start your own club on campus, so if there is something not already on campus that you feel inspired to launch, the world is your oyster! I also guarantee there will be curious students who would love to be a part of a new, unique organization. 

Leading our SLU Her Campus chapter has provided me with so many cool opportunities. I have been given the chance to talk to several different companies and brand ambassadors who sponsor various events on campus that I believe have been extremely influential and significant to our community. I love what Her Campus represents and the inclusive, uplifting global community I am constantly surrounded by. I take an immense amount of pride in representing my our Her Campus chapter, and that is what is most important about running a club on campus; you should be zealous about your club, sparking your peers to be just as fervent, hopefully commencing a lasting organization for St. Lawrence. Impact your community and be a student leader. You will see the benefits quickly and learn so much from your experience. This authoritative role will inevitably mature and provide you with wisdom for future positions of command. Leave your legacy at SLU and chose to run a club! You will not regret it!

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