The Rivalry

Greg Carey
Class of: 

As a St. Lawrence hockey player, I think one of the most special experiences for myself has been the opportunity to put on the jersey each year and take the ice against Clarkson. When you're a freshman, you don't understand what the opportunity means until that moment when the clock hits seven minutes until game time and you jump onto the ice in in front of a packed house at Appleton Arena for the first time. For the guys, the seniors, this weekend is the culmination of their experience at SLU. The rivalry and games against Clarkson are the games you remember. It’s a rivalry that we can only take part in for four years, but that will stick with us for many, many more.

This weekend, a Clarkson home-and-home series, has been marked on our calendars since the start of the year. The first game you check when the schedule for next season comes out is always Clarkson at home. You ask, "Are the students at school? What night is it? Do we play them first or second?" These are the games that you tell your friends and family about back home and over breaks, always recounting the “atmosphere.” It's an atmosphere I don't think either the players on SLU or Clarkson would ever give up.

We have been preparing all week, letting the excitement build up. Just back from two road trips, there’s nothing like coming home to a series in the North Country. Clarkson’s a good team; they play hard and we expect nothing less. There is a reason they are ranked. We want to play our game, stick to our structure and work. There's only one day left until puck drop, and there’s no doubt in my mind that this weekend is going to be awesome. I can’t wait to hear the roars in Appleton! There's nothing like the St. Lawrence fans and hopefully on Saturday night, we can drown out the Clarkson band with the SLU Classic, “When the Saints Go Marching In."

It’s going to be a great weekend to be a Saint!

-Greg Carey, #10