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A Recommendation From a Fellow Laurentian: Visit Career Services, Early and Often!

Monday, February 12, 2018

As an English major, I’ve quickly realized that my professional path after college is not nearly as linear or pre-determined as that of a future doctor or lawyer. With such a plethora of roads to follow and so many diverse opportunities to which I can apply myself, I’ve used each summer since high school to narrow my interests and make greater sense of what career I might “belong” in. It’s been both fun and challenging, and my resume is proof of that.

After a summer internship with Congresswoman Katherine Clark of MA-05 (St. Lawrence Class of ’85 and 2016 Commencement Speaker) in high school, I continued to pursue my interest in government through an internship with New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand the summer before my freshman year at St. Lawrence. I felt convinced that I was destined for a life in Washington. Once at St. Lawrence, however, I took one creative nonfiction writing class and immediately began to think of the other possibilities my major could lead me to. Back to square one!

In an attempt to make clearer sense of my goals, I visited Career Services in October of my first year. Within a month, I had a functional resume, a LinkedIn account, constructive new relationships with alumni, and a paid internship working in production for a Netflix Original TV show in New York City for the following summer.

After an eye-opening summer at Netflix, I was excited to return to SLU for my sophomore year. I arrived that fall already recognizing Career Service's strengths and abilities, and was motivated to jump on their opportunities even earlier. One of the highlights was the Sophomore Career Boot Camp this January, where I met with several alumni who were eager to connect and provide insights about their professional journeys. I also attended workshops on how to give eloquent elevator pitches, perfect my professional etiquette, and craft polished, stand-out resumes and online profiles. This event and others have helped me identify my specific interests and goals, and after exploring several fields within the English realm, I’m excited to return to New York City for an internship in digital marketing this upcoming summer.

As my interests and goals continue to evolve, I know that SLU will be a resource for me every step of the way. Right now, that means using Career Services to form connections, find internships, and make sure my resume and online presence are always up to snuff. But even after graduation, SLU’s incredible alumni have proved enthusiastic about networking with young Laurentians and are excited to help them succeed in the world outside of Canton. As we always like to say; once you’re a Laurentian, you’re a Laurentian for Life. Regardless of the field (or fields!) I choose to pursue, I can count on Career Services to help me get there.