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Random First-Year Roommate Experience

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

I never had a Facebook until I received my very first college acceptance letter. To this day, I still struggle with navigating this “foreign” site. So, you can probably imagine I was not jumping to join accepted student groups seeking a roommate (deciding what should be my profile picture was already difficult enough!). Right off the bat, I knew I wanted St. Lawrence to evaluate my interests, lifestyle, habits, etc. and select the perfect roommate for me. Little did I know, my roommate would soon double as one of my best friends.

As you can probably assume from my lack of a Facebook profile until about a year ago, social media is not my forte and I am most definitely not tech savvy. While I was enjoying my last months of freedom that summer, the last thing I was concerned about was logging into my various social media platforms. It did not even cross my mind to check in on my new St. Lawrence email every so often! Why would I need to do that when school had not even started, right?

My theory was soon proven wrong when I received news of my first-year roommate, Sophia Alvarez. The only information I was provided with was her name and address that did not include a state or zip code. No e-mail. No contact information. Nothing. The anticipation was killing me; so much so that I came up with the “brilliant” idea to search her name on Instagram in hopes of finding her amongst the millions of other users with her name. I was playing my own little game of Guess Who amongst the various accounts that popped up. I did not know what to do! I was so anxious and excited to meet her. It kept me up all night for a solid week!

One afternoon after a long day at work, my entrance into college approaching ever so shortly, I thought I should be proactive and sign myself into my new SLU email to make sure it was set up correctly. I plugged in my username and password information, successfully logging myself into the system. I was pleasantly surprised to have received an e-mail from Sophia, dating back from about a week prior, right when St. Lawrence released our housing. I could not believe it! I was so convinced I would end up in a single! In the email, Sophia provided several ways to contact her, prompting me to text her right away. Following a detailed round of 21 Questions, Sophia and I could not wait to meet face-to-face. We hit it off immediately.

The day had finally come, and it was time for me to officially move into my freshman year dorm on the second floor of Whitman Hall. Sophia had already moved in due to a program that she was involved in. My poor mother had to deal with my nerves the whole three-minute car ride over from the hotel to campus. I just wanted her to like me! After I checked myself in and received my room code, my mother and I proceeded up the stairs in search of my room. I entered the combination with shaky hands. I was met with Sophia’s beautiful, radiant, big smile. We quickly went in for a hug, feeling almost as if we were long-lost friends seeing each other for the first time in years. My nerves were quickly diminished.

That first night was just the beginning for Sophia and me. I do not think either of us recognized how close we were going to get. Even just in those first few days, we knew we were a perfect match. Living with Sophia introduced me to so many people that I probably would have never met without her. Sophia has the most positive energy that radiates daily and spreads onto all those who surround her. If I was ever feeling stressed or down, I knew I had Sophia to go back home to, always knowing how to brighten any rainy day. From this experience, I can confidently attest that St. Lawrence does their very best to match incoming students with an ideal partner who will enrich their first-year experience and more. I am most definitely not the only student who was lucky enough to be paired with the perfect roommate. Thanks to St. Lawrence’s detailed and specific survey sent out to all incoming students, they have the opportunity to to address their ideal living situations and briefly discuss the type of person they are. Thus, students are likely to be matched with the perfect roommate, and if you’re lucky, maybe even a new best friend. I will forever cherish those two semesters spent with Sophia in our cozy room in Whitman. I will always look back fondly on the fun memories we made together and left in that dorm room. Although Sophia and I live apart from each other this year, we designate certain days of the week to catch up, so we do not miss out on each other’s lives which we were so heavily involved in last year. I am eternally thankful to St. Lawrence for gifting me with a life-long friendship. Sophia is truly one of a kind and I am so honored to have been chosen to have this experience with her.