Professors Do More Than Teach

Riley Naclerio
Class of: 

I’m going into my fourth year at St. Lawrence and if there was one thing that had to be on the top of my “Favorite Things About SLU” list, it would be the relationships I have built with my professors.

Coming from a small high school, graduating with 59 other students, I was used to knowing my teachers on a personal level. It was comforting for me to know that I had professors who truly care about me as a person as well as the material they are teaching, and that is what I have encountered here.

After my first semester on campus, my FYP advisor left St. Lawrence for another job opportunity so I was left advisor-less…for less than 24 hours. I still remember how I was sitting in the Noble Center on my laptop, struggling to figure out how to plan and register for the correct classes for the upcoming semester. I must have been clearly visually frustrated because next thing I know, Randy Hill, a professor in the Performance and Communication Arts (PCA) department, was standing in front of me asking if I needed any help. “Actually, I could.”

So, I followed him to his office and he walked me through my requirements that I needed to complete and what classes I should take. At that time, I was not a PCA major, just a first-year student, but Randy became my advisor that day. Since then, I’ve taken three courses with him, and I am planning to take two more during senior year. My relationship with Randy is one where I can pop into his office at any time to talk about anything from basketball to an accounting course.

This relationship is just one of the many examples of the unbelievable relationships I’ve made with professors since being on campus. This past summer I stayed on campus to take part in the Admissions Summer Internship program. This gave me the opportunity to grow these relationships even further. I helped one of my professors move out of her apartment into her new home and was able to meet up with professors without all the hustle and bustle of the semester.

Part of being at St. Lawrence is getting to be part of such a close-knit community, and with that community comes the great relationships that you can make with your professors.