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Presidential Diversity Scholarship

What is a Presidential Diversity Scholarship?

The Presidential Diversity Scholarship, a $128,000 scholarship ($32,000 per year) was first awarded in 2000-2001 to encourage diversity in the student body and enhance the educational benefits for all St. Lawrence University students. In celebration of the 10th year of the Presidential Diversity Scholarship, the program expanded to include students of any racial background who have demonstrated commitment to, and appreciation for diversity. Students named as Presidential Diversity Scholars come from a broad range of background experiences and have a variety of social identities, such as race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, differently abled-ness, religious, or socioeconomic status, etc. Recipients of this scholarship have demonstrated impactful leadership, commitment, and activism for diversity awareness and appreciation within their community. Acknowledgement, activism and appreciation for diversity awareness are critical for top consideration.

Once on campus, Presidential Diversity Scholars participate in activities planned for this group of students coordinated by the Associate Dean of Diversity and Inclusion and are highly encouraged to become active members of student clubs and organizations committed to inclusivity, community-based learning, volunteer service, and student government.

How to Apply?
First-year students interested in applying for the Community Service Scholarship must submit a complete application (Common Application) by February 1. Transfer students and students applying Early Decision must submit scholarship material with their completed application. Counselors may also nominate students for this scholarship by completing a nomination form.

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