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Performing at SLU

Monday, April 29, 2019

Performing has always been a huge part of my life, and something that I really focused on while searching for the perfect college. Here at St. Lawrence, performance opportunities are limitless, and you may even find yourself performing every week.

Whether it's main-stage productions, open mic nights, or a Capella concerts, there is always an opportunity to express yourself, even if you are new to the performing arts. In fact, you could even live in a theme house dedicated to the performing arts.

Living in the Arts Annex has really shaped my college experience. On a weekly basis, we host either jam sessions, listening parties, open mics, or any other multitude of performances. These are always low-stakes opportunities for people to express themselves in any number of ways, including: instrumentals, poetry readings, scene work, student bands, and the like. It is an encouraging environment that seeks to expose students to a variety of performance options, while focusing on the expression of a passion.

Personally, I have always performed in groups, and was never interested in individual performance. This shaped my decision to join both the Laurentian Singers (our chamber choir) and the UpBeats (our co-ed a Capella group). However, through living in the Arts Annex, and taking private voice lessons through the Music Department, I was able to take advantage of a solo performance.

During my junior year, another student and I decided to work on a few duets for a student recital. This turned in to a full-blown senior recital that we will be performing right before Finals Week! Neither one of us are music majors, and we have each only taken one or two music classes at all. However, the support and encouragement of the Music Department at St. Lawrence has allowed us to prepare for a recital that features music that we enjoy, rather than the traditional recital one might see from a voice student.

I will always cherish the performance opportunities that I have had at St. Lawrence. I have performed in two main-stage productions, three music ensembles, and countless small projects across campus, all without focusing on performance as a degree. This University offers unique opportunities for students with any level of interest in the performing arts, and it is something that everyone should experience at least once in their college career. At St. Lawrence, I have found that your opportunities for expression are limitless.