The Peakin' Weekend | St. Lawrence University

The Peakin' Weekend

Last weekend was a momentous three days for all Laurentians; members of the St. Lawrence community summited all 46 of the Adirondack High Peaks.  In 1982, members of the student-run Outing Club devised the event that they dubbed “46er Day.”  Now, 31 years later, the tradition has a new title, “Peak Weekend”, yet remains an essential student ritual. This year, over 300 Saints scaled some of the East’s highest and wildest peaks. St. Lawrence is deeply rooted in the Adirondacks, and Peak Weekend serves as a celebration of the school’s natural history and as a sign of commitment to the future of the region.

All Saints are encouraged to take part in Peak Weekend with a range of different trips for different skill levels.  Try the gentle four-mile ascent of the popular Cascade and Porter; bushwhack 16 miles to the trail-less Mt. Allen; or strap into rope and harness to clamber up the notoriously steep Trap Dyke on Mt. Colden.  And for students who would like to take a crack at hiking but aren’t ready for a 46er, trips are lead up Mt. Jo, Azure, or Arab which all boast stunning views of the High Peaks Region.

I lead a two-day, 28-mile excursion to four high peaks in the Seward range.  My group of six left campus Friday after class and trekked five miles to the log lean-to that we would all share for the evening.  Then we all scrambled up the first of our four peaks to catch an amazing view of the Great Range and the Santanoni’s in the light of the setting equinox sun. It was a quick jaunt down to camp under quickly fading daylight.  We celebrated the day with a heaping pot of the rich, stick-to-your-bones Macaroni and Cheese (emphasis on the cheese) and s’mores for dessert, before packing sardine-style into the lean-to for a well-earned slumber. 

The following morning, we rose bright and early to bag the three remaining peaks.  Unfortunately, one member suffered a bad knee tweak and two of us were forced to turn around early.  But the other four stuck it out and returned victorious with four more high peaks under their belts.  After a quick stop at the Lumberjack Inn and a good dosage of diner food, we drove back to campus, muddy and content, to share stories with all the other Weekend’s Peakers.

Here are a few photos of my trip and others from the 31st Peak Weekend.