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Obtaining the True ODY Library Experience

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

A library can be a daunting place for many students. The subconscious mind may often associate this location with late nights, rapidly-approaching deadlines, and a high intake of caffeine, making it easy to overlook the fantastic resources provided by the Owen D. Young Library, which is coined as “ODY” by St. Lawrence students. The fact that ODY is not viewed as a typical library, but rather a gathering place to collaborate with peers and utilize the resources provided to them, is yet another example of what makes St. Lawrence special. Here are some of my favorite tips to make sure you can grasp the full ODY experience:

Get into the WORD Studio as much as possible

The WORD Studio is one of the best places on campus to receive assistance with papers, presentations and projects. The WORD Studio, which stands for Writing, Oral, Research and Design, staffs student mentors who will help improve the structures and arguments of papers, as well as work on improving overall writing and communication skills. I was initially surprised to discover they can even record your oral presentations in a practice room, and look back over it with you to help make improvements! I have incorporated a visit to the WORD Studio before every single one of my major papers and presentations, which has been extremely beneficial for both my grades and my writing cogency.

Utilize ConnectNY

Do you need access to a book that our library does not have it on the shelves? St. Lawrence is a part of the ConnectNY program, a consortium of libraries that are dedicated to sharing resources as efficiently as possible for students in participating institutions. You will be able to find a book you may need at a different institution, and it will be sent right to ODY within a few days at no cost to you! This program has come in handy multiple times for me, and I have been able to access the best possible sources for papers I have written in the past. This is a resource that should be taken advantage of by all students.

Grab a spot in these study spaces

ODY has a variety of unique study locations that allow you to collaborate with your classmates, yet have access to independent spots as well when you need to work alone.  Aside from the second-floor rooms situated in the back, which are always extremely popular due to the picturesque window view of Gunnison Memorial Chapel, the Retro Room is my favorite spot to study with a group, which features vibrant colors and a unique look that resembles the style of the library prior to its 1999 renovation. If you’d like to study in a more independent location, the treehouse cubicles spread throughout ODY Library's third floor are ideal spots.  Students can optimize their focus by studying above the white ‘distraction line’, a concept which was discovered in a student’s psychology research project.