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Nothing Stops Tradition

“Hello St. Lawrence Community,

As you all know, the tragic fire Sunday morning has put the historical Chapel out of commission for an unknown amount of time, suspending any event, service, meeting and even the ringing of the bells. If you haven't noticed, every day the mysterious bells up in the bell tower ring at 5 p.m. for 30 minutes. Today will be the first day we will hear silence in the St. Lawrence air. Let us all unite on the lawn (outside the orange fence) with those little bells you received the first day of your freshman year, any other bell you can find, or just bring yourself to show off the school pride we have that you cant find anywhere else. This is a great opportunity to be a part of a living tradition that has been ongoing for much longer than your existence.
So I invite you all to come join the Outing Club in this impromptu service. And spread the word!

- Your friendly neighborhood Outing Club”

This is the email I wrote after Annalyse Kowalczyk ‘14, another member of the St. Lawrence Outing Club, approached me and said this is something we should do. This was Monday morning and with such short notice, I was surprised how fast it got out to the community. First, it went out to our personal Outing Club Listserve and then made its way out to faculty and staff and student listerves, thanks to [Associate Director of Student Activities] Meg Flaherty and other staff members. I couldn’t believe the turn out we got; it just shows how much school pride comes with being a part of the SLU community.

This was unlike any Outing Club "trip" we’ve done in the past. It wasn’t about being outside or doing something for the community; it was all about carrying on a tradition and uplifting the spirits on campus. Like the school, the Outing Club has many traditions ourselves we like to hold on to and we know what it is like to have one taken away. I personally didn’t want to see one with this much history stop my senior year. I don't know if people will come out and ring those little bells every day, but it’s the principle and the idea of doing it the Monday afternoon following the fire that I believe will last until the bells ring again.

The Outing club wants to thank all who came out that afternoon to be a part of this, and for underclassmen and any future students that may be reading this, just remember you’re a part of something really special here at St. Lawrence.