No Booze, No Problem | St. Lawrence University

No Booze, No Problem

Friday, December 6, 2019

No booze? No problems--and an experience that is guaranteed to be memorable, or at the very least, one you can remember. Often times on college campuses, it may seem like everyone drinks, when in actuality many people don’t. Here at SLU, I commend us for having a healthy balance of alternative events compared to the ordinary red-solo cup parties you might hear about. 

Personally, I came to this conclusion very early on that the whole experience was not quite worth it. Instead, I much prefer pulling on some gray sweats, my soft and layered SLU sweater with a pair of winter boots and walking the short distance over the Student Center. Every weekend the Student Center has different events such as laser tag, escape rooms, bumper cars and one week it was even turned into a skating rink. These events are hosted by Barista, which is a campus organization that provides safe and dry places for students to comfortably have fun, relax, spend time with peers and contribute to the community.

One night I was adamant that I was not going to go out but rather wanted something more low-key. Naturally, I found myself in the Winston Room arming myself with a bulky vest and a headband sensor and joining a group of people I hadn’t met before, armed and ready to play laser tag. The game itself was fun but the experience became meaningful to me because it gives you the opportunity to meet people that you typically wouldn't meet in your day-to-day schedule. The SLU student body supports individuality and provides a wide range of options for students to maximize their weekend entertainment. When it comes to college social life, find your niche and be the most authentic you.