Is Early Decision Part of Your Story? | St. Lawrence University Admissions

Is Early Decision Part of Your Story?

Application season is upon us! Our Admissions team has spent the last few weeks (and months) on the road, in hopes of meeting students and sparking their interest in St. Lawrence. We have gotten to know many of you well and cannot wait to read your applications. For some, now is the time to finalize your application and take advantage of the Early Decision opportunity. Finish your application earlier and find out your admissions decision sooner!

Let Riley and Liz tell you about their Early Decision experiences, and see how they benefited. If you aren’t ready to hit submit today, rest assured that you can apply Early Decision any time between now and February 1. Our Early Decision applicants will receive a decision letter two weeks after they apply, beginning in mid-November. 

Questions about applying Early Decision? Talk to your admissions counselor today!