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Admissions Summer Interns Share Experiences, Insights with Visitors

High school students from around the region, country and world who are visiting St. Lawrence University this summer will likely get to meet Hana Bushara ’21, Quinn Audsley ’20, Meca-Gaye Francis ’20, Hannah Doro ’19, Mougheis Umar ’20, or Sarah Campbell ’19. These six Laurentians earned the opportunity to spend their summer in Canton as Admissions Summer Interns.

A 10-week appointment each year, Admissions Summer Interns are selected from a competitive field of candidates after completing an extensive application process, including multi-stage interviews. The internship gives those chosen the opportunity to expand their professional work experiences, conduct analytical research for the Office of Admissions and show off their campus pride to prospective students.

One of the highlights of any visit to St. Lawrence is the tour, which the interns lead throughout the summer. Each adds their personal flavor by sharing their own experiences and stories with guests. For Hana, her favorite part is taking visitors through the Sullivan Student Center.

“There’s something about our location that magnifies the spirit and passion of our students,” says the rising sophomore from Warwick, Bermuda. “It is an interesting experience giving tours during the summer and coming through the Student Center when all of the posters are down and you can’t really feel the heartbeat of the place. I tell everyone, ‘I promise, when there are students in here, you just feel the life in here.’ Every time I walk through the Student Center, I am reminded of how lucky I am to go to a place with such a vibrant and wonderful community.”

A common question that Meca-Gaye gets asked is why she chose to come to Northern New York all the way from her home in Kingston, Jamaica. “People think this is the middle of nowhere, but I have found there are a lot of advantages to being where we are,” she explains. “Here at St. Lawrence, you have the opportunity to make this your own place and don’t have to assimilate to a certain culture. You can see that people have done that throughout campus, like in our Zen Garden, in our tree houses in the library, and in the student art throughout the Noble Center. On tours, people can see our passion to make this place our own come alive.”

For Hannah, one of her favorite stories to share with visitors is about the mentoring relationships students have with professors.

“My advisor is one of my favorite people on campus,” says Hannah, who hails from Rochester, New York. “I’ve taken three classes with her and will take two more this semester, and we have a great relationship in the sense that I know she is always in my corner. Even outside of her classes, she is always willing to help me academically as well as talk to me about my future and other opportunities beyond St. Lawrence.” 

Quinn, who is from Corfu, New York, enjoys talking about what she has discovered about St. Lawrence’s alumni network. “I didn’t realize how incredible the connections alumni have to St. Lawrence until I got here,” she says. “Alumni will go out of their way to help you just because you go to St. Lawrence, and I tell students that when they graduate from here, they should know they will never be alone because they will have the school and the alumni supporting them.”

When the interns are not out on campus, they are working on a number of projects that give them greater insight into everything that makes the Admissions office run successfully. Mougheis Umar ’20, who is from Islamabad, Pakistan, is spending his time working on a project to help Admissions better understand how students find their way to St. Lawrence.

“I am looking at the students’ journeys through the admissions process, from when they first express interest through their decision to enroll,” he explains. “I love working with data and that aspect of working with chunks of data is quite exciting for me.”

Sarah Campbell ’19 of Scottsdale, Arizona, sees how both of her projects are helping her grow professionally while helping St. Lawrence.

“I am writing an article about the St. Lawrence experience for a national admissions publication, as well as analyzing the office’s student worker outcomes in order to determine the potential effect of tours and interviews on applications and enrollments,” she explains. “As an English and mathematics double major, these two projects – one heavily focused on improving my written communication skills and the other focused on honing my analytical skills – allow me to put both of my academic interests into practice.”

This year’s interns are well aware of the influence they have in shaping St. Lawrence and that their work will impact who their future classmates could be.

“I believe that the students play an immense role in campus climate, and St. Lawrence would highly benefit from students who strive to continue improving this place,” Mougheis says.

Quinn adds, “If I can help bring in students who really live out the values important to St. Lawrence like service, justice and a pursuit for truth, I've been a successful intern.”

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