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Navigating the College Search in the Age of COVID-19

Monday, July 27, 2020

The college search is a daunting task to take on, global pandemic or not. This transitional and exciting time during senior year of high school should be filled with college visits and campus tours. In our current crisis, the college search process will likely look very different this year. If you are considering St. Lawrence in your college search, I would usually recommend paying us a visit and meeting our wonderful staff and student workers in Admissions. However, if this is not a possibility for you and your family this year, or you are not able to make it to campus for any reason before applying, here are some resources and tips to get to know the St. Lawrence community from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Take a Virtual Campus Tour

The next best thing after a campus tour with one of our dedicated Admissions Ambassadors is a virtual campus tour! We have plenty of new online resources for prospective students. There are recorded virtual open houses and visit days from this past spring where you can hear several of our Deans, staff, and students like myself answer questions and talk about the St. Lawrence experience. Take a look at our interactive online campus map to get a sense of our beautiful campus. There’s even a place to complete an interview with one of our Senior Fellows or Admissions Counselors, which is a great way to get your application fee waived.

Discover SLU

Our Admissions homepage has a wonderful resource called “Discover SLU” where you can watch videos and hear statistics about St. Lawrence to help you better understand our community. The videos are short clips that showcase many of our programs and departments. You will hear students and professors talk about their classes and what it is like to be a member of the Laurentian family. There are various links to learn more about each program, so I recommend reading up.

St. Lawrence Ambassador Blog Posts

Similar to this piece, our Admissions Ambassador team writes blog posts that come out once a week during the school year. They cover a wide range of topics, from surviving Canton winters and celebrating St. Lawrence traditions, to secret study spots, the culture of holding the door open for others, or the most picturesque places on campus. These posts will show you what we are about as a student body, and just how kind and inviting our community can be. The best part about the blog is that it's written by students, which is one of the greatest perspectives you can get.

Connect with an Admissions Counselor

Our Admissions Office is so dedicated and hard working because they love to get to know you. They are a fantastic resource that can answer any and all of your questions. They will be available to you at any point in your application process, and can refer you to every possible resource you could need.

Email a Current Student

Our email a current student page is currently live! You can browse profiles of students available to help you. Among this selection is a huge variety of majors, minors, activities, and interests. You can click on each name and email the student(s) with interests most relevant to your own. We are a strong group of students that would love to help you out.

SLU Social Media

The official St. Lawrence University social media accounts are a great resource. You are able to see pictures and videos, stay updated on what is going on in the SLU community, and get highlights of the St. Lawrence life. We have an Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook that you can browse.

Use the Internet!

There is a world of information out there. Read up on relevant websites, like the Princeton Review or College Board. Search for student creations and projects on sites like YouTube, where you can see student life and activities from the perspective of our artistic students. A simple Google search can take you a long way. There is so much you can do if you are not able to visit campus, and resources worth exploring even if you are able to make the trip. The college search process may be different this year, but it does not have to be more difficult.