My Saviour as an International Student | St. Lawrence University

My Saviour as an International Student

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

As I reminisce about my three years on the St.Lawrence campus, I still get drawn to the memories of my first day here, my first day in the United States of America. I woke up in the comfort of my makeshift room in Dean Eaton on a hot summer day. I was in awe of my surroundings, clear and quiet and a beautiful beaming sun perfectly reflecting on the lush lawns of the quad. My first day in the United States could not have been better, yet I felt rather lonely on campus since I had arrived a whole month early.

I went to the big tall building that resembled the ski lodge and I was greeted by a wonderful lady who made me feel welcome. As I spoke to her, my stomach found the perfect time rumble, with an immediate realization of my hunger, this lady invited me into the dining hall for breakfast. Still clueless of my location and surroundings, the lady and I made small talk for a little bit until another student joined us. She was a sophomore and was working for the IT Department over the summer. Being rather inquisitive, this student asked me where I hail from and I surfed over my details. Rather coincidentally, as we introduced each other, we realized that we came from the same high school. The student offered to show me around campus but the lady told me that I needed to fill out some health forms and I followed her to her office in what is known as the Student Center. I sat in the corner office next to the stairwell, filling out forms and talking to this lady. That was my first experience of the International Student Office, yet it became a my home for the next three years. Every time I was in need of help, my first destination, regardless of what help I needed, was this office.

International Student Services’ ethos supports the intellectual, ethical, personal, and social development of students on campus as they start a new adventure within the realms of SLU. They create the feeling that is reminiscent of my family back home but on campus. Their ethos paired with their personnel allow students to gain a global perspective as they develop themselves in their pursuit of education. They help student groups on campus organize events that showcase the depth of cultures on campus with events such as Tea Time at the I-House, or Kaleidoscope, an event that brings together students on campus through multicultural performances and cuisine. They even help with the more formal tasks such as assisting in filling out taxes (which can be difficult), trips to the Social Security Office, and OPT workshops. The people who work at this place are the absolute best, and throughout have helped many of my peers in navigating the campus as an international student. So, if you are an international student, and are thinking of applying to St.Lawrence, feel free to email International Student Services and I am sure that they will slowly make you fall in love with this place just as I did.