The Mustachio Bashio Ride

Andrés M. Balboa Livis
Class of: 

St. Lawrence is an institution where traditions are very much still alive in our day-to-day lives, so we obviously had to do something for Movember: men’s health awareness month! The result: “The Mustachio Bashio” (a.k.a. The Mustache Ride).

Thanks to social media, it is well-known that Movember (which takes place every November) is the month of the mustache. Men all over the world are encouraged to grow (to their best of their abilities) some facial hair on their upper lip in order to raise awareness for men’s health. Here at St. Lawrence, we wanted to take things a step further; rather than simply growing totally awesome, wonderful, handsome, elegant, marvelous, lovely, beautiful mustaches, we also wanted to have a chance to show off our totally wonderful, handsome, elegant, marvelous, lovely, beautiful mustaches while getting the word out about Movember to the community. 

On Thursday, Nov. 14 at 4 p.m., the mustache forces on campus (along with many brave females and “hairless upper-lippers”) united to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate or testicular cancers. The idea is to get as many people with a mustache (either a real one, a glue-on, or even one born of a black marker) to ride their favorite means of transportation around campus as a group, reminding the community of health issues that thousands of men suffer from. During the hour-long ride, we made a couple of stops, including President Fox’s house (where we sang the alma mater and the national anthem on his driveway), outside the library (where we chanted “Muuuuustache, mustache, mustache, mustaaaaache; muuuuustache; muuuuustache…”), football practice (where we tried to gain access to the football practice but that didn’t work as well as we hoped for) and our Steiner Senior Townhouses (where we sang the anthem once again). Judging by the amount of people on campus asking me what the ruckus was all about, it is safe to say that we accomplished our main objective: to make the St. Lawrence community (more) aware of the health issues that men face.

Expanding on that last point, I wanted to express how special it is to live in a community that cares so deeply about local and global issues and encourages students to do something about it! These issues range from local community projects to creating community water solutions in West Africa or taking part in Movember.

The ride also gave the opportunity to people who have been growing ‘staches to show off the natural beauty radiating from their upper lip.  I am proud to say that I have rarely seen such concentration of beauty at one given time; an amazing thing to see and a unique thing to be a part of. I wanted to thank everybody for that epic hour-long journey around campus and for helping to spread the word about men's health issues!

P.S. You have to see it to believe it! I have included some pictures of the ride for everybody to see what great ‘staches were out and about during the ride; give them a look!