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More Than Just a Newspaper: The Hill News

Friday, May 21, 2021

Friday morning breakfast. To some, it's just a meal, but to me, it's my favorite tradition. 

Friday morning breakfast means two things. First, I'll be surrounded by the very best people I have had the pleasure of meeting. My friends and I sit around the table decompressing from the week and discussing our plans for the weekend. Friday morning breakfast means we are just a few hours away from a homework-free evening and endless possibilities to have our best weekend yet. The calm before the storm. 

Friday morning breakfast also means The Hill News is being delivered around campus. For those of you who aren’t familiar with The Hill News, it is St. Lawrence's student-run newspaper. However, for me and my friends, it's our passion project. In one capacity or another, each of us is involved with The Hill News. From the head editor to section editors to staff writers, each of us puts countless hours a week into the publication. So for us, Friday morning breakfast means watching our hard work through the week come to life. We sit around the table reading each other articles and discussing each topic. Watching my friend’s faces light up when they see their work in print will forever be one of my many favorite memories from SLU. 

The Hills News is much more than just a newspaper. It brought me my wonderful, intelligent friends. It also brought me more confidence as a writer, and I found a passion for writing outside of an academic capacity. I am a staff writer for the Arts and Entertainment section of the newspaper. Every week I write a movie or TV review of something I watched that week. You can even find me on The Hill News podcast talking about Taylor Swift.

Prior to writing for the newspaper, I had a huge passion for film. This passion grew even more with the opportunity to share it with my community. I found myself looking forward to writing reviews and enjoying the films and TV episodes even more. The best part of it all was that I got to do this all surrounded by my friends.  

I will always encourage everyone, even if you don't consider yourself a writer, to join the newspaper. The Hill News looks good on a resume, often professors will give extra credit for articles, and it strengthens your writing skills. Those reasons to join are great, however, The Hill News also introduces you to amazing people from all parts of campus and fosters amazing memories. I will always cherish Friday morning breakfast. There is a little bit of something for every student here at St. Lawrence, and I found my something in The Hill News office. 

To everyone reading, I encourage you to go take a look at our website: You will find some of the brightest students at St. Lawrence and a huge variety of articles. When and if you are ever on campus, pick up a physical copy and share it with your friends. In the meantime, I'll be waiting for our first Friday breakfast back at school in the fall.