Mac & Cheese Bites

Sarah Evarts
Class of: 

You might be wondering why a blog post would be about Mac and Cheese bites, a delicious and gooey food that many enjoy. It all starts with my visit to SLU the spring of my senior year of high school. I had attended other colleges' accepted student days, done all my research, and was still so nervous as my mom drove me up for my April visit day at SLU (and believe it or not, it was snowing). I was going to be staying with a student for an overnight and was really nervous about staying the night with someone I had never met. My nerves were calmed the first second I stepped on campus as I was greeted by students who were so excited to get to know me, show me around, and talk as much as I wanted about everything there was to do at SLU.

I remember my host, Renee, coming to gather my belongings and me from Eben Holden, waving goodbye to my mom and hoping that this overnight went better than my previous ones. To my surprise, the first night I spend on campus, I met people who would become classmates, teammates, driving buddies, colleagues, and mentors. This experience was indicative to me of what I could expect if I were to come to SLU.

Still wondering about the “Mac and Cheese Bites”? They are the reason I chose to come to SLU. That first night on campus, we went to Pub 56, an on-campus venue that happened to have live music that night. I was laughing, making easy conversation, and overall just enjoying my time effortlessly. Then, a student who was hanging out with us ordered food, and what came out? You guessed it: hot, fried, and delicious Mac & Cheese bites. I’m fairly sure that I almost instantly texted my mother, taking this as a sign that I should definitely come to St. Lawrence.

I love telling this story, mostly because of the surprised responses I get when I share with others that I chose a college based on access to my favorite food. However, I like to follow this story up with the amazing experiences I’ve had here over the last four years, including studying abroad, becoming involved with student government, Greek life, varsity athletics, as well as internships and job opportunities! I couldn't have asked for more from a college experience, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world - or for Mac & Cheese bites.