A Love Letter to the Winston Room | St. Lawrence University

A Love Letter to the Winston Room

Thursday, November 8, 2018

One of my favorite things about St. Lawrence University is the Winston Room. The Winston Room is our multi-purpose room inside of the Sullivan Student Center where students gets to make it whatever they want. During most days it is a casual homework spot, but then it can turn into something completely different! Here are five awesome things that our students and faculty have made the Winston Room into:

  1. A Cozy Movie Theater: Every weekend, ACE (Association for Campus Entertainment) brings popular movies to the Winston Room. They are projected onto a movie theater size screen, popcorn is made, and students can hang out on the couches or chairs and enjoy. I try to come in most weekends and get some homework done while watching some of my favorite characters on the big screen!  

  2. A Yoga Studio: Recently we had Empower Hour Yoga where the Winston Room was made into a yoga studio and had a class open to everyone focusing on empowering our community. While yoga is something I always enjoy, this hour was something really special with a bunch of my friends and others together in one room getting to focus on and better ourselves.

  3. An International Winter Wonderland: Last year there was an International Holiday Fair put on by the Patti McGill Peterson Center for International and Intercultural Studies where representatives from multiple countries and backgrounds came together to educate others on their holiday traditions! There were booths on the different holidays and lots of traditional food for all to enjoy. It was great to get to see people enjoying parts of their holidays, even when they were thousands of miles from home.

  4. A Stage: Every year, as part of Pride Week, there is a Drag Show held in the Winston Room. There is a full stage put up and Drag Queens are brought here to perform. It is put on by our LGBTQIA+ club, Spectrum, and is something that the whole campus (including me!) looks forward to each year,

  5. A Zen Zone: As finals approach many students get stressed, but on campus our Greek Life and other organizations like ACE help put on Study-A-Thon! During this day, there are stress-reducing activities and free snacks to help all of the students destress and get prepared for the final push of the semester. During previous Study-A-Thons, the Winston Room has included many things like massage chairs and, my personal favorite, make your own stuffed animal section!

St. Lawrence allows its students to make the University what they want and need it to be and the Winston Room is a large part of achieving that goal.