Legacy at SLU: What It's Like To Be a Canaras and Family Weekend Regular | St. Lawrence University

Legacy at SLU: What It's Like To Be a Canaras and Family Weekend Regular

Laura Edson

I have been surrounded by St. Lawrence for as long as I can remember. My parents met at SLU. Both of my siblings have graduated from SLU. My family’s closest friends are all Laurentians, and we can hardly go anywhere without meeting a new Laurentian or finding some connection to St. Lawrence. Did you know St. Lawrence has an alumni camp on Upper Saranac Lake? We do, and my family has spent six summers there! I’ve also been to a SLU hockey game every year since I was 15 years old. There has been a lot of St. Lawrence in my family. Although we are a small school, we cast a very large and very strong net. I learned a very valuable lesson at a very young age: Laurentians protect their own. Some indescribable bond is formed over four years up here in the North Country that connects all Laurentians. I’ve grown up witnessing my parents meet Laurentians from other generations and be able to bond over their mutual experiences. It is truly amazing how excited SLU alumni are to not only meet other alumni, but to attend any SLU-related event.

We have dubbed my family friend group that consists of five St. Lawrence couples and their families the “SLU crew.” Anything St. Lawrence, you can guarantee that one of our families will be there - some might say we are SLU obsessed. My SLU crew is the epicenter of my SLU community. They have showed me what it is to be a Laurentian, and how Laurentians support one another. Through thick and thin, my SLU crew has always been there for me and for my family; there is no other collection of people I rather have as a support system.

The core values and characteristics that bonds our families together are the same threads that connect all of the members in the greater SLU family. We represent a multifaceted community with a large range of interests and skills. We are inviting and caring. We work hard and we are proud of what we produce. We know how to have fun and we enjoy eachother’s company. We are personable people that are easy and interesting to talk to. St. Lawrence is much more than just four years - it's a community and a population that supports and cherishes one another for a lifetime.

Family Weekend is not only about seeing your family; it is about introducing your personal family to your St. Lawrence family. By the time I will have graduated, my mother will have attended ten consecutive St. Lawrence family weekends. She has seen my sister, brother, and now I experience three very different transformations at SLU. Family weekend is filled with introductions and a lot of excitement. It is also a time where you gain some perspective. Having your family here gives you the time to pause and look back on the beginning of your semester. You realize how amazing SLU is and how much you cherish it.