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A Laurentian Summer in Washington

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

As the granddaughter, daughter, niece, cousin, and sister of St. Lawrence alumni, SLU has always been in my blood. Every few years, a new pair of St. Lawrence University socks appeared in my stocking or I would inherit an old Saints sweatshirt. Along with the ever-growing pile of merchandise, I was constantly reminded of all that SLU had to offer whether that be through stories in moments of nostalgia, or in a not-so-subtle effort to sway me toward Canton during the latter half of my high school years. One thing that always stood out to me was the possibilities that lied before me if I chose to become a Laurentian. Surprisingly, the presence of SLU gear in my wardrobe wasn’t what swayed me. After a Visit Day during my senior year, I knew that St. Lawrence was the place for me, and I would carve my own path on campus as my family’s newest Laurentian.

In the fall of my sophomore year, I scheduled an appointment with Career Services to work on my resume in preparation to apply for a new summer job. I hadn’t thought very much about an internship experience, because I had always thought that was a step you took going into your senior year. I was just hoping to upgrade from my usual babysitting gigs to something a little more substantial. During my appointment, I was encouraged to apply for one of St. Lawrence’s greatest networking events to get me started--the SLU Connect Program. I thought my chances of being accepted to this program were slim because I was just a sophomore and didn’t have a strong grasp on my career aspirations just yet. However, I was guided to the realization that my general interest in politics and my hope to live abroad someday could be a great starting point to a plan for my future. We decided on SLU Connect: DC, and after my acceptance into the program, I was off and running.

During SLU Connect: DC, I was introduced to Jennifer Curley ‘90 and Annie Williams ‘17, both Laurentians themselves. After some exchanges of business cards, and a few weeks of applications and interviews, I was offered the great opportunity to intern at the Curley Company, a PR firm in our nation’s capitol--Washington D.C. Although daunting at first, I quickly adjusted to the workplace culture. I was immersed in the office community and given a chance to explore every type of client and project that Curley Company had to offer. I was able to draft social copy for a client that distributed their content across several social media platforms, develop media pitches to secure coverage in various news outlets for several clients, conducted research and even attended a Capitol Hill briefing. I was there as an intern to support the professional staff and Curley Team, but also to expose myself to professional life and discover what aspects of the job I might want to delve deeper into in the future. I believe this mutually beneficial relationship was the result of the SLU connection that was the base of my summer in D.C.

About halfway through the summer, Jennifer Curley organized a networking event in their new office in order to bring together current undergrads working in D.C for the season, recent graduates and established alumni to connect generations of Laurentians. This event not only benefited her two SLU interns but all of the Laurentians in the area. This is the kind of dedication that graduates of St. Lawrence show toward all people wearing scarlet and brown exemplifies the mantra -”Laurentian for Life”. This summer I was not only exploring the world of public relations in Washington, but I was also immersing myself in the interconnected world of the St. Lawrence community and taking advantage of all it has to offer. I can’t wait to do the same; pay it forward and be a mentor, employer, or supporter of the next generation of Laurentians.