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The Journey of the SLU Spirit Shirt

Hannah Kingsley

“Is that the St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York?”

These are the words that greeted me as I rode the escalator on my way to the security check-point in Dublin, Ireland. I had just finished my summer study abroad program when the man behind me spoke these words. Looking down, I realized that I was wearing my SLU Spirit Jersey and he recognized the school name printed across the back.

I was slightly surprised to have a complete stranger ask me about St. Lawrence, especially while traveling in another country, but I told him that it was in Canton, New York, and he began to smile. It turns out that he had graduated from St. Lawrence in the 1970s. Though the conversation was brief and, unfortunately, I am unable to remember his name, I know I won’t forget the experience.

Once we had established that we were both Laurentians, it was as though we hadn’t just met moments ago. We began to share SLU experiences with one another and talk about favorite memories of being on campus until we reached the end of the line to go through Security and had to part ways.

Sometimes it is difficult to explain what it means to be a Laurentian. However, I feel this experience shows one way that being “Laurentians for Life” becomes a real-life practice and not just a phrase we like to say. We are all connected through a campus that became our home for four years. Now, when I see someone wearing a sweatshirt with the St. Lawrence logo or find a car displaying a SLU bumper sticker, I make sure to introduce myself. You never know where you might find another Laurentian.

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