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How St. Lawrence Was Able To Further My Career Exploration

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Ever since early high school, I was enamored with the idea of starting down a career path of my own. This interest sparked through an internship at the Urban Outfitters Headquarters in Men’s Buying. Although this consisted of a lot of hours committed towards sorting the sample closet, I began to realize how much I enjoyed being in an office and working with a team towards a united goal. During this time, I was able to meet one of my mentors who helped me realize a passion for men’s retail.

Fast-forward five years later to my first year at St. Lawrence. One of my first priorities was to meet with Career Services. During my first meeting, I was able to create a resume and find alumni via LinkedIn who worked in industries I was interested in. I reached out to a Laurentian at a company I was incredibly interested in doing an internship at over the summer, SFX Entertainment. Unfortunately, things did not workout at the time. I had planned to work at a friend’s start-up over that summer in New York City instead but things fell through a week before I was supposed to start, too. I emailed the alumnus who I was in contact with and ended up working under him for the summer. It was a great experience that would not have come to fruition without Career Services or the help of our deep-rooted alumni network. In this position, I was able to learn a lot about partnerships and marketing, something that I had little to no experience with in the past. This newly sparked interest in marketing again began to flourish through our program called Shadow-A-Saint.

Shadow-A-Saint is run through Career Services where you can apply to shadow either a member of our alumni community or parent of St. Lawrence for a day or longer. Through this, I was fortunate enough to shadow the Chief Marketing Officer of the U.S. Olympic Committee for a day. Although I only shadowed her for a day, I learned more than I could have ever imagined about sports marketing. A couple of weeks after, I attended SLU Connect-D.C., another program through Career Services where students are brought to Washington, D.C., in order to meet with St. Lawrence alumni and parents to learn more about different industries. This was an integral trip for my career as I actually didn't find anything I was that passionate about there, but instead found what I was not interested in. Some may argue that this is just as important to know. 

Between resume help, LinkedIn advice, Shadow-A-Saint, and SLU Connect-D.C., the St. Lawrence Career Services office has been a key aspect of my time at St. Lawrence thus far. They have provided me with unique experiences which have helped me further my career exploration.