How Many Laps is a Mile? | St. Lawrence University

How Many Laps is a Mile?

Friday, April 5, 2019

28. That's how many laps it took to run a mile in the Brewer Fieldhouse Indoor Track when it was constructed in 1925. Just twenty years ago, the Brewer Bookstore was established from the building that formerly was the St. Lawrence University basketball court and indoor track. Very little remains of this old fabled fieldhouse except for those who know where to look. Today, among the countless gifts, books, and St. Lawrence gear, an observant historian can notice the wood floors of the old basketball court and the circuit on the second floor where the track used to be. Yes, you can still walk around it, and yes, it's still 28 laps for a mile.

Today, you won’t see many athletes working up a sweat in the bookstore, but you will see countless SLU students buying gifts, textbooks, or even getting a famous cup of coffee at the café. You may even see me when you check out, along with several other students who have the privilege of working at the bookstore. I started working there during the spring of my first year after countless, “So, have you gotten a job yet?" inquiries from my parents. There’s something different about working at the bookstore that makes it a special place to work. The soft lighting and hardwood floors and the smell of coffee roasting gives the bookstore a sense of home. This sense is why many people choose to settle by the fireplaces and do work during those chilly Canton days. I remember buying my first SLU t-shirt from the bookstore after my first time on campus and now to view it from the cashier’s point of view is awesome. I'm always sure to ask where students are coming from and how they enjoyed SLU and answer any questions the students or family may have. 

The bookstore is just one of the places on campus that strengthens the community feeling that I, and so many others, feel at St. Lawrence. I encourage everyone to stop into the Brewer Bookstore and imagine running 28 laps around the upstairs, just like students did those many years ago.